Looking to Increase

E-Commerce Conversions?

  • Increase your cart value by 20-70%
  • 5.9% merchant rate (lower than AfterPay)
  • Easy to install, no tech-knowledge needed
  • No joining fees, under 24 hours approval

Looking to Increase Your Conversions?

Pay It Later is a new Buy Now, Pay Later service that is cheaper for merchants than AfterPay and simpler to register for your customers.


Fast Approval

There are no joining fees. Approval is instantaneous, meaning you can be up and running in less than 24 hours with our simple payment integration via Shopify and WooCommerce.

Increase Cart Value

Having one or more payment providers on your checkout increases your cart value by 20-70%.


Large Spending Limit

Pay It Later provides its Shoppers with up to $1000* spending limit catering to most merchant’s e-commerce businesses.

Support for Merchants

Hands on integration and account support provided for Merchants via our exclusive Merchant only helpdesk. 

Engaged Shoppers

Strategic marketing solutions are utilised to target its extensive database of shoppers. 

Best BNPL Rate (5.9%)

Pay It Later currently offers merchants a better rate at only 5.9% of the order total.


How We Differ From Other Payment Gateways

Unlike services such as ZipPay and OpenPay our Shoppers pay four instalments weekly so they can pay off their order quicker. This also means they can get back to shopping quicker! Why wait two months or more for your shoppers to shop with you again? 

No Tech-Knowledge Required

Our payment gateway works seamlessly with Shopify and WooCommerce so you don’t have to contract external technical help. If you need help with integration our experienced tech team is here to help you – free of charge!

"Thank you for the great service, I've already got your plugin up and running on our website ... easiest I've ever done!"

– Michael Lock (vaporstate.com.au)

Ready To Get Started?

Own a Shopify and WooCommerce store and looking for better ways to increase your conversions?

  • Low 5.9% Merchant Fee (lower than AfterPay)
  • Easy plugin to install, No Tech-Knowledge Needed
  • No Joining Fees, under 24 Hours Approval
  • Increases your cart value by 20-70%

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